Martial arts on campus

Title:Martial arts on campus

Author:San Shi San Ling

Description:Campus swordsman is sleeping on the campus lawn, a very leisurely person, such a life is really beautiful, is enjoying such a quiet, someone behind him scolded: “Tan Wenpu, you bastard every time, to you on the stage!” Tan Wenpu got up and said to her, “Shirley, I’m trying to build up my strength, and what about youEvery time? Can’t you change it? ” At this time, Shirley was very angry. She went over and twisted Tan Wenpu’s ear and said, “come on, get on the stage!” Tan Wenpu is a freshman in high school. Because he is too lazy, the small forward of the basketball team always goes to sleep at the critical moment. Sometimes even no one can find him. Shirley is a member of the basketball teamTactical analyst, is a smart little girl; Tan Wenpu followed Shirley to the sports management, looked at the score, the score was 36-40, two three-point difference can counter

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