Marriage in the dark

Title:Marriage in the dark

Author:Mu Xiyan

Description:On the way back to school, I had two strange dreams in succession. But the old lady in the village said that it was not a dream, it was a ghost. /After the shelving, three chapters are laid at the bottom every day, with 2000 words in each chapter, which is merged into a big chapter of 6000 words. On the same day, 10 cups of red wine and 5 chocolates were awarded. Reward crystal shoes 1 more, pumpkin carriage 2 more. For every 500 diamonds. Welcome to subscribe and reward, and don’t forgetIn the upper right corner of the “Book Chasing” Oh, if you have a recommendation ticket and diamond, you can also vote for the author Jun, memeda, who recommends good friends: half a life is ridiculous, half a life is you http:

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