Maoshan ghost King

Title:Maoshan ghost King

Author:Suzhou trail

Description:(the ghost king of Maoshan judge) born with Yin and Yang eyes, he was born into Maoshan according to the Tao. Yuezong’s magic method surpasses the spirit of the dead, and the way of heaven is cursing evil spirits away. The imperial edict granted the ghost king the peace nine quiet, the evil heart Yin Qi is also the right way. Carry forward Maoshan daoguxiang, trace back to the root, still calm! Maoshan judge series: the ghost king of Maoshan. My name is Lu Xiaoxiao. I’ve been in love since I was a childAfter my father’s edification, my son inherited his father’s career and became a local drummer and Taoist priest. However, I encountered countless ghost ringing bells, unjust ghosts asking for their lives, and fierce ghosts haunting me, which made me fall into panic again and again… A pain almost on the verge of death, which made me find myself insideThere is a devil’s heart. All of this can be traced back to thousands of years ago. What’s the secret of all this? I don’t know Maoshan yuezong’s way of transcending the spirit of the dead, but also got Maoshan

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