Author:Demon Fairy

Description:what? Do you think it’s a magic art for me to practice “strange door dunjia”? what? You call me demon way, still let me let go of this fairy, let you come? I don’t care what kind of blood you have and what kind of powerful exchange. I’ll knock you down and see my magic! Ye Qing holding a sword, awe inspiring: “beauty, don’t be afraid, I come to save you, the devil died!””Ah, demon way, don’t come here!” The scream of beauty’s fear! “Demon way, you return me Xiaoqian!” A scholar chased ten li angrily. A zombie with a terrible bow in his hand rushed forward and roared: “don’t go, demon way, return Chang’e quickly!” A notice was posted: “there are vicious” demons “here. Every family has their own customsGood doors and windows, beware of the beauty at home Ye Qing looked up to the sky and sighed: “in fact, I am a righteous monk…”

Author: miven

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