Magic prison kaleidoscope

Title:Magic prison kaleidoscope

Author:On the moon

Description:The world is like a kaleidoscope, which reflects the reality. Everyone’s stories make up the world and converge into different fates. Everyone in the world lives for himself Note: please keep a distance. This book is not suitable for people under the age of 16. If you want to watch it, please watch it with your family. It will be given to you in the early stageThe following feelings, metamorphosis, mistreatment, long Aotian and other impressions, but please don’t give up. There are four teams in this story, which will have different perspectives. Please don’t skip the chapter and read patiently. New people write books, bug what do not make complaints about, welcome to come to Tucao… end! O(∩_ ∩) O ~ applause!This story is a complete fabrication It’s better not to have Support me a lot!

Author: miven

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