Magic martial arts

Title:Magic martial arts

Author:Wang Julu

Description:The world is very big! It is bigger than all the heavens and ten thousand realms, holding three thousand: / /. Longtengx. Demons. The world is also very small! Small to eternal human hatred, after all, can not escape a heart truth. This is a martial arts world where everyone learns to fight against: / / / longtengx. Demon! A subjectThe most despised nobody learns martial arts secretly because he admires the world. He is stunned by a slap, but he wakes up his reincarnation spirit and starts a journey through the golden age and yellow knight errant world. Dugu Jiujian laughs at the world, but heaven and earth move and depend on heaven. In the legend of eighteen dragon subduing archery, the meaning of the eight heavenly dragons is astonishing. The great Tang Dynasty’s Twin Dragons have long lived, and they have the heart of TaoIt’s a kind of magic that breaks the void. The world of famous people Standing on the top of the sky, he looked down at the world and was determined to pursue the highest level of martial arts: “learning is the best://

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