Love for thousands of years

Title:Love for thousands of years


Description:I think of you in the river. I’m already behind Huainan chicken and dog. There is no mountain in the sky. The autumn returns to the spring. Ding Lingwei is in the clouds. The first half of the fifth string of the central wind is in tune. The fisherman’s bamboo is half open. At this time, I think of you the most. The princess of the west, duo chunsi, knows Bian Tianjun by herselfWorship Laojun in Jinque palace. A long poem appeared in Liu Tiexin’s dream in succession, which triggered a strange event. With a poor boy, he began to travel to the year when he was 12 years old. From being at a loss, to being excited, he started his dream of making money and starting a business. After 20 years of struggle, he had money, houses and beautiesHow wonderful life is. I don’t know that this is just the beginning of the strange life. On this day of the year when I was 32 years old, the dream appeared again, the crossing started again, and the crossing started again

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