Lost and deceptive situation

Title:Lost and deceptive situation

Author:Stars like wings

Description:Twenty years ago, a construction team came to a remote village while building a radar. The villagers’ strange behavior made the construction team very puzzled. Moreover, the construction team found an ancient tomb here by accident! Strange events such as paper ghost, dragon chant, zhongyinzhai and guillotine Feng Shui came one after another. Later, the construction team leftNo one knows what happened to them. It’s just a rumor that they saw the dragon! What’s more strange is that even that village disappeared overnight! Twenty years later, an ancient coffin appeared unexpectedly. People who knew the information about the coffin died one after another. The coffin was full of scalesAll kinds of clues point to a mysterious legend in ancient times, as well as the mysterious legend 20 years ago

Author: miven

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