Lori of rebirth

Title:Lori of rebirth

Author:Huan Xiaoqing

Description:Death, rebirth. Why the end? Since it’s the end of the day, why is the soul of the original owner there? One soul, two souls? Choose coexistence? Or give up and occupy the body alone… Never die. A man came up. Qi Hui: “go away, or I’ll poison you!” A man has already died once and doesn’t care how many more.”Qi Hui: “I’m cruel and ruthless. I can poison people without blinking an eye.” A man nodded with a smile, “well, it’s a good match for me.” The new book opens a pit for support, and there are also finished articles; the survival of the original beast wife and the fierce ghost bride ask for life are guaranteed by the pit products. Please feel free to jump in the pit. This article is one to one, please make complaints about gentleness.thank you!

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