Lord of the war

Title:Lord of the war

Author:Xiaoqi school

Description:At the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, in a remote town on the northwest border, the black, thin and short orphan Yuanfeng was taken in by the owner of a horse meat shop, and lived a lonely and bullied life. Everything changed from the moment he killed the leader of the horse thief with his exquisite knife technique Border town of ancient road, Jinge TieMa, BihaiWhat is the relationship between Yuanfeng and the blood yellow sand, the relief head on the ancient silver coin, the blue lotus on the top of the snow mountain, the mysterious legacy of Emperor Wu, the mysterious dynasty that overthrew the Yuan Dynasty, which was once brilliant for a while, but then collapsed in an instant? How does the young king of Xiliang step by step uncover the mystery of his life experience, and then uncover a vast expanseThe secret of the world Please enjoy “Wulin Empire”, the story of the descendants of the traversers!

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