Lord of the sword

Title:Lord of the sword

Author:Chengfeng Yujian (bookstore)

Description:”In my life, I have only made two swords…” “For the first sword, it takes ten years to raise the sword, ten years to harden the sword, and ten years to hide the sword. One sword is amazing.” “The second sword is to understand the mind and see: / / / long tengx., to be true, to understand the Tao, and then to hold the sword and never move forward.” “For you today, I will make the third sword!”…… Sword: / /. Longtengx., non swordsmanship: / /. Longtengx., anyone who adheres to the belief of never giving up in his heart can be called a sword: / /. Longtengx. Ten years ago, the northern moon sword: / / / longtengx. Xuantianzhan held a swordThe sword is invincible. Ten years later, he reappeared in the world under the pseudonym of Wang Cheng. He won the summit with his mortal talent without immortal roots and fought in the sky

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