Long live Princess dragon

Title:Long live Princess dragon

Author:Early Nanchu

Description:Fusang can be sure that this is only a fantasy monster, clearly long pair of sheep horn, it must be said that the Dragon horn. “Lamb, you are very lovely when you are not fierce.” “Woman, I’m the Dragon King. This is the Dragon horn. Don’t question my identity any more.” The Dragon King swore that he would be the first to swallow the contractThis damn arrogant woman. However, the bloody River and the north, the Dragon King who is in the ascendant is completely crazy. He meets the star, not the immortal, the demon, the devil, but the tears of the human little woman. “I heard that the Dragon King planted it?” “Who has planted it?” “Naturally, it’s our princess long!” “Long live the Dragon King Don’t believe it? “Lord Dragon King, the little demon has found a new favorite for you.” “Take it with you Arrogance. “What did you say?” The ears were pulled up. “

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