Loan to great Xia

Title:Loan to great Xia

Author:Long live the reader

Description:”If ye Zhou lends you money, you must pay it back on time, or the consequences will be very serious,” said a legend in the Jianghu This is a story from the beginning of Tianlong Babu, mixing in all levels of martial arts to make money, borrow money, collect debts, build a business empire, and become the top martial arts experts. Choose the world: Tianlong Babu (Song Dynasty)Liao Xi Xia Dali), / /. Longtengx. Diao Xialv (Song Xi Xia Mongolia), Xiaoao River and lake, Tang Shuanglong, Qin Mingyue, painting River and lake, etc. *************************************************************New book “martial arts world lottery system”, book friends discussion group name: treacherous minister in power 193604165

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