Live broadcast of doomsday

Title:Live broadcast of doomsday

Author:Glowing grass

Description:I’ll tell you quietly that Yang Shaofeng has passed through. Through it, but unfortunately Yang Shaofeng even with a live through, well, a smile, the netizens all over the country are looking at you. Yes, close your chin a little bit. It looks thin. Young people who just graduated from university are learning to do live broadcasting. But oneMonth down, did not earn a concern, you say how embarrassing it is, embarrassed do not want to live. As a result, he really crossed, and he crossed with the live broadcast room. What do you call it? All of it was watched by the audience. By the way, I forgot to ask you one last thing. I go to the bathroom, bathing, and what, will people see it, if they can. How do you want me to live.

Author: miven

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