Little people under the stars

Title:Little people under the stars

Author:FS happiness

Description:In 2080, the Chinese expedition discovered the remains of the Atlantis urban agglomeration in the deep trench of the Western Pacific, and cooperated with the world’s top scientists to develop the remains. In 2100, humans built the first experimental spacecraft, and in 2130, they began their journey of interstellar exploration, discovering and utilizing insects in different directionsThe hole goes deep into the universe. After 150 years of development, Huaxia Federation has established five star domains in the extragalactic sky, opened up nearly 30 galaxies and transformed hundreds of habitable planets. In 2280, the human separation program began to be implemented, which solved the problem that ordinary citizens could not participate in star exploration due to physical reasonsThe problem of danger, human beings to a broader depth of the stars.

Author: miven

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