Linghe code

Title:Linghe code

Author:No way

Description:One hundred years ago, the Tianshu class warship “Linghe” fled in the battle, which led to the total annihilation of the expedition fleet. As the captain of the alliance, he was forever nailed to the stigma of history. With the disappearance of Linghe, all the truth of the war was annihilated in the sea of stars. A hundred years later, an accident happenedThe beautiful blue planet is dragged into an unimaginable terrorist war, and Tang Ziyang is inexplicably involved in the game storm of several supreme forces. Tang Ziyang, who grew up in the struggle and battle, seems to find the figure of Linghe, which has disappeared for a hundred years. “There’s blood in your handTears in eyes and shame in heart. Although thousands of people, you are the most damned! ” —Tang Ziyang

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