Let go of my sister

Title:Let go of my sister

Author:Warm up

Description:Since the Republic of China, traditional Chinese medicine has been excluded by the Chinese people, and the Chinese medicine has gradually withered. An ancient book, an accident, brought Li Ting to Daming five hundred years ago. For Li Ting, who has been immersed in the culture of traditional Chinese medicine since childhood, this is obviously the best time to open a small pharmacy in his spare time and relieve the suffering of patients with his own medical skillsHis wife enjoys the scenery of Daming. However, Wala in the north is covetous of the Ming Dynasty, and treacherous officials make trouble in the imperial court. In fact, the seemingly prosperous family is also in a state of flux, and her budding sister is a famous “demon prostitute” of the Ming Dynasty in history Everything is not so simple and comfortable.

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