Legend Summoner of the end

Title:Legend Summoner of the end

Author:Empire forever

Description:Li Yunxiao, who was inherited by the ancient summoner, went back to the end of the world. (this is almost the same) sacrifice a scythe giant mantis = sawtooth beetle sacrifice a venomous snake = sharp blade Mantis sacrifice a Hellfire bull = lava giant snake sacrifice a planet =????? After the rebirth of a boy who had gone all the way to blackInfluenced by the people around us, walking towards the bright road Fact: for the sake of elder sister control, a younger sister control boy has to go to a bright road! Please recommend! It’s hard to write a book. Support me: / /. Longtengx. Please recommend. (in addition, the inspiration of this book can be saidIt’s the “dark Summoner” from dawn night University: / / / longtengx. Unfortunately, big: / / / longtengx. Is missing, big: / / / L

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