Legend of the Three Kingdoms

Title:Legend of the Three Kingdoms


Description:Cao Cao, known as the capable Minister of governing the world and the hero in troubled times; Liu Bei, who vowed to revive the Han Dynasty; the sun family, whose father and son dominated Jiangdong for three generations; and other powerful generals, famous officials, wise men and beautiful women. The heroes who were drowned by the tide of the times gathered in the same world, and the world situation once again showed the trend of separatism! Who canIn this era of heroes around, heroes and out of the world! Duan fenghan, a special forces soldier about to retire, unexpectedly returned to the late Han Dynasty. In the face of the impending yellow scarf riot, what choice should he make? This book will show you the history of China from a unique perspectiveThe legend of the Three Kingdoms. This: / /. Longtengx. Product launched 17k literature net!

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