Legend of the most powerful zombie Palace

Title:Legend of the most powerful zombie Palace

Author:It’s very unruly

Description:Hello, Hello! Altoria! That’s my dinner! You’ve eaten a lot just now! Hello, Hello! Meiqin! How many times have I told you! Don’t bake! Zombies should be proud of eating raw meat! Hello, Hello! Naiye! Stop it! Don’t fire magic guns at random! Now there are more zombies than people! Those are preciousWhat a grain reserve! And you readers! Don’t go to the theatre! Don’t vote for recommendation! Point collection! Be careful I put zombies to bite you! By the way, Huqi, yasna, Liuzi and Kuang San over there should come here quickly, or they will rot again! p. What kind of meat do you eatGet up, that is, sprinkled with cumin chicken flavor, I take bell? In the name of greers, I won’t lie to you! ——The man who has lost his sense of taste has a serious face

Author: miven

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