Legend of the moon

Title:Legend of the moon

Author:Wang Kairui

Description:The myths of ancient China, the pyramids of ancient Egypt, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the stone slabs of ancient Maya… Who is giving human wisdom? After 200 years of Crusade, what are the Knights looking for? During the European Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci drew a large number of strange drawings, some of which were flyingMachine, robot, flying saucer… Where does his inspiration come from? Nicolas Tesla invented many kinds of weapons in his life, such as ion beam weapons, spherical lightning, dead light… How did he do it? During World War II, the Nazis produced v-missiles, butterfly shaped aircraft, suborbital bombers… Just six yearsWho helped them complete the difficult technology? In the 18 year space race, the world’s two superpowers have made great efforts to enter the moon

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