Legend of illusory saint

Title:Legend of illusory saint

Author:Xiaobao in Dongguan

Description:In 2010, he began to write this novel. However, many things happened, which made this novel broken. Four years later, Xiaobao came back again to write this “biography of illusory saints”. However, in reality, something big happened. It was broken again for nearly two years, and now it’s back again. I hope this time, I will give you a new life《The legend of illusory saints is a harmonious age of rebirth after the end of the world. In this harmonious age, some disharmonious things happen. Illusory saints are human beings who appear and leave again and again. What unimaginable things have been created in this world. His appearance has changed the pattern of the world and the worldChanged the human view This is a very bumpy book. It has experienced many twists and turns in biography of illusory saints, biography of illusory saints and legend of illusory saints This book

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