Legend of hero Summoner

Title:Legend of hero Summoner

Author:The dog on the last bus

Description:With the advent of the eight realms, all kinds of powerful creatures from other realms violently broke the peaceful human world. The giant dragons rolled between the surging clouds, the mechanical troops in silver armor attacked the smoky city, and the ugly zombies ate at the corner and enjoyed the blood drenchingFresh meat… In the ruins of the dark city, a young man with a holy light came out and stood beside him with all kinds of powerful heroes who originally only appeared in the hero League game! At this moment, the slogan full of fighting spirit resounded in unison between heaven and earth: “my sword is your sword.” “Most people can fight airplanes, which is unfair to airplanes! ” “Eat my grandson!” “One, two, three, four.” “Demacia!” “。。。” various

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