Legend of Hanling

Title:Legend of Hanling

Author:Su Nan

Description:Su Nan book group: 437445o5, looking forward to your joining! The second volume of legend of Hanling will be published soon. Who is guarding Genghis Khan’s Mausoleum? Where did the legendary Tibetan mastiff army finally appear? Where is the mysterious meat Valley? Can the Japanese finallyInto the tomb of Genghis Khan? All mysteries are solved in the second volume! A surprise: readers who have read the first volume must remember that there is a kind of thing called Qibao Liuli pagoda mentioned in the book, in which the Buddha bone relic is stored. This is a kind of article made up by the author according to his own likeness, but it’s out of the ordinaryIt is expected that a seven treasure Ayu pagoda was unearthed from the Underground Palace site of Dabaoen temple in Nanjing recently. Many details of the pagoda are very similar to the seven treasure glazed Pagoda in the book

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