League Heroes

Title:League Heroes

Author:Peng Xiaoshou

Description:Zhou Peng, a student who plays games all day and has nothing to do in the University, committed suicide for various reasons, but the result did not meet his wish. Not only did he not die, but he crossed the most familiar continent of Valoran and met his favorite Raven. So, with his familiarity with heroes when he was obsessed with games,Understand the gratitude and resentment of each hero. In real life, Zhou Peng, who was very dissatisfied, actually got into trouble. Knowing every hero he knew, he gradually became friends with them, and Zhou Peng’s own strength gradually increased. But at this time, creatures from the alien world quietly invadeWhen we arrived in the mainland of Valoran, a bloody storm was also set off at this time! Zhou Peng and his friends also began a long war against foreign enemies to defend their homeland!

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