King of German mercenaries

Title:King of German mercenaries

Author:Taishang Laoniu

Description:Marlin was reborn as a vagrant knight who had just been driven out of his home in Germany at the end of the 15th century. All he owned was a war horse, half set of Gothic plate armour and a lance. But fortunately, he was just in time: / / / long tengx. Saint Roman Emperor Maximilian I had just begun to createThe age of German mercenaries. So he became a German mercenary. He formed his own mercenary Corps based on the military knowledge learned online, fought against French knights and Swiss mercenaries, and beat down a large area and became the chief official of himself Carelessly, Marlin became the king of German mercenary, even EmperorThe emperor begged him In addition, Malin also sent ships to “tail” the dagama fleet to India, and began to participate in the sea trade and colonial struggle

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