Jade toad

Title:Jade toad

Author:Gu Cun

Description:In a thousand years, the emperor will produce hundreds of gods, but only six gods. This book takes jade toad as a clue, and tells the life of the last divine legend through more than ten seemingly independent suspense stories. When he was not born, his ancestors predicted that there would be a hero in my family in a thousand years’ time, which would shine for the Li family. He is youngWhen he was young, he scattered all his wealth and saved the people in a city, but he was wandering in the rivers and lakes. When he was a teenager, he suffered a lot and became indifferent. The death of Wang Yangming, a sage of a generation, leads to a treasure buried for thousands of years – Jade toad. And he also embarked on a road of no return. Although, the mostThen he became a god!

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