Jade fox goddess of fire shadow

Title:Jade fox goddess of fire shadow

Author:Cherry trees blowing snow

Description:Don’t go in if you don’t like it. I don’t want to kill the decisive faction. The protagonist is going to be a warm man (… This is an idea that is incomplete and unrealistic). I want a warm story to make the unfortunate people happy. The same thing will play different roles in different places and in different people’s mindsDifferent status. So what happens to the same thing in different worlds? What if there is such a world? If there is, even if it is a dirty business, even if it is covered with blood. A world of redemption. If there is such a world, I want to go too. ——Mo Yu, my hands are covered with blood, killing people in order to save people? It’s just an excuse. If there’s no place for this sin, I’ll bear it. ——

Author: miven

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