I’ve been frozen for 100 years

Title:I’ve been frozen for 100 years

Author:The bell in the bottle

Description:”I’ve been frozen for 100 years” is another masterpiece of “bloody Fortress Besieged” three years ago, following the bell in the bottle! Zhang Yang, the protagonist sentenced to death, was selected to carry out the freezing experiment. After a dream of a hundred years, he woke up to find that a biochemical virus crisis happened a hundred years ago, which overturned the whole world. Unyielding publicity, will be in the futureLooking for traces of their own existence in the end! Trample on all his faces with war spirit! Defend the lost beauty with life! Maybe the way ahead is sad and happy. Can the completely different pattern of the last age be broken by publicity? In everyone’s heart, there is a doomsday dream of their own. For survivalOnly fighting and continuous evolution can break the shackles of life

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