Is tfboys fate

Title:Is tfboys fate

Author:Easy to close

Description:Jiang Jiayi is a four leaf clover, and her favorite is easy to close Qianxi. When Qianxi’s mobile phone in Beijing broke down, she wanted to buy a new one. Jiang Jiayi had an accident on her way to Taekwondo class with her best friend Li Jiawei. Qianxi finally saw her mobile phone in a burst of red light. Jiang Jiayi put it on Qianxi’s mobile phone so strangely that she could say it accuratelyIt’s the mobile phone deposited in Qianxi. Qianxi, who bought the mobile phone home, found that the mobile phone was abnormal and found Jiang Jiayi. The story begins like this! Please check and tell me if tfboys is fate, where there are sensitive words related to yellow and politics

Author: miven

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