Invincible Lord

Title:Invincible Lord

Author:Round bear

Description:Before crossing, I shouldered the heavy burden, empty full of ambition, but no way to show, a bold and resourceful, can only pour into the game world, drunk. Once the ambition of the swan, and finally quietly die out, turned into no one in the rainy night is not willing to roar, only cry. After crossing, I went to battle lightly and enjoyed the history of the world. Big timeThe call of the horn for me, evil tide in troubled times, I stand up for the sword, cut through the thorns, glory with me all the way. My flag flutters in the wind, leading the people of the five elements Empire to move forward firmly. Where the golden light reaches, the boar cries, the orc shudders, the bimun succumbs, and the elves bow down True heroWhen vertical and horizontal invincible, a good man should stand up to nature. I’m Qian Wuyou, the overlord of the five elements, the world recognized warlord. This is my home, my legend.

Author: miven

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