Invincible corpse King

Title:Invincible corpse King

Author:My name is empty wolf

Description:In the autumn of 2019, I was transformed; on the first day, they forced me to eat human flesh. Will I eat human nature? The next day, they forced me to eat human flesh again. Alas, they didn’t know me very well. On the third day, they used the beauty trick, cut, and have some more meat. On the fourth day, I waited for them to force me to eatMeat, TMD, the end of the world is coming. This book is more heavy taste, no three concepts, no moral integrity, psychological endurance is not strong, careful into! In short, all kinds of joys and sorrows, family, friendship, love, extramarital affairs emerge in endlessly. Note: this book is purely fictional, please do not code into sit, once issuedNow radical speech, all delete post, forbidden speech, add report!

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