Introduction to jianniang

Title:Introduction to jianniang

Author:Pure as I am

Description:Life is always full of unknowns, and sometimes, we will encounter such a situation – there are hundreds of ships in the dock, but only six can be dispatched It is clear that a painful battle can be fought, but it must end in one day and night It’s clear that you can directly attack Huanglong and kill him in front of the Dean, but you have to kill him ten nautical miles firstThe door god who paddles outside is clear No, these are not problems. The real problems should be these: full Dodge, expulsion with color motor, being able to go out and dive The heavy armored, rough skinned and fleshy war patrol bullet immediately fainted I don’t know what to do all day long, but I’ve been tearing up AI Toulu Gang intentionsThe underworld battle line of overhead governor power loli Lin Yi thinks that it is necessary for him to make a plan for the future, which can make him not be angry, tired, salty, and tired

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