Interstellar Silver Eagle

Title:Interstellar Silver Eagle

Author:It’s a storm

Description:After a turbulent 1000 years of suffering, mankind in the space age ushered in a new era of civilization. However, when the new empire was founded, a group of mysterious astrologers were predicting the end of the Empire. A new history evolves on the huge astrological chart, and in the end, darkness envelops the whole worldStar map, only a tiny red dot that seems likely to be extinguished at any time, flickers tenaciously in the dark. After thousands of years, who will be the flame burning the whole dark starry sky? A child living in a remote country, originally lived a carefree life, but the emperor far away in the center of civilization fell in love with his sisterSister, take the sister away from the child. Originally, this neglected story changed the fate of the child, but also rewritten the fate of the whole empire.

Author: miven

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