Interstellar life of fake scrap

Title:Interstellar life of fake scrap

Author:Children with mental retardation

Description:Bai baozi pulled his mother’s coat and said, “Mom, I’m not a scrap.” Mother’s tears immediately gushed out, holding the white bun said “sorry.” Bai baozi said in his father’s arms, “Dad, I’m not a scrap.” “My daughter is certainly not waste material, but the mecha is too dangerous,” he saidBai baozi held his brother and said, “brother, I’m not a waste material.” when he heard this, he said, “well, I’ve come to scold you again. Don’t be sad, sister. Brother helps you teach them a lesson.” Bai baozi didn’t get discouraged and went into his sister’s room. “Sister, I’m not a waste material.” sister didn’t lift her head. “I’ll go to invading star to see if I can help you change the information”The white steamed bun looked at the steamed bun smaller than himself” ah, ah, ah, ah “, spitting bubbles. He twisted his head, puffed his mouth, held his beloved goldfish bowl and said, “xiaozaozao, they are all good

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