Interstellar age

Title:Interstellar age

Author:Thirty six hexagrams

Description:In the previous life, he was a star power. His body was destroyed during cultivation, and he was reborn with a chip of ghost and biological armor. When he woke up, he found that he was an 18-year-old girl. Father’s kindness and mother’s love: it happened three years ago, and now both parents have died; born in a rich family: it happened two years ago, and now the family has gone bankrupt; family AllianceMarriage: This was a minute ago, and now this man is talking about breaking the engagement This is the best era, but also the worst era, with a strong power to protect themselves. Power and money can buy a lot of things. With no money, Doudou decides to cultivate a strong body with this general qualificationFirst, get rich, then get some power. Now, let’s start with this deal Friendly reminder: this book is female frequency novel, do not like to enter.

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