Infinity begins with Marvel

Title:Infinity begins with Marvel

Author:Crow’s Vest

Description:When the protagonist, who has the ability to copy others, becomes the second son of Osborne enterprise, he meets Clark Kent (this is definitely Marvel’s world?) Well, this is a story about the leading role in the infinite world. If you watch too much, you will struggle to survive. If you watch too much, you will become stronger. If you feel too much, you will feel more similarEnjoy the endless flow of genuine blood, just like the pleasure of lying on the beach of Hawaii in beach pants and watching bikini. The greatest pursuit of life is enjoyment, not material enjoyment, but spiritual enjoyment. Of course, people who choose the latter are usually a little obsessive-compulsive. PS: when writing a book, there is no limit to the author’s moral integrity,Any friend who is not suited to make complaints about it, please send a friend to Tucao to the building below.

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