Infinite terror comes

Title:Infinite terror comes

Author:Salted fish 2

Description:There are many outstanding Chinese in China. In Beijing Longyin military base, there is a senior officer Chu Xuan in his early twenties. He has no background and doesn’t follow the relationship. He is a young senior official only by his own wisdom and ability. He looks down on all living beings with his almost supreme intelligence and cold perspective, full of oppression and cold wisdom of God Three millionWang Zongchao, the first combat master in the PLA, was the chief instructor of individual training of the fifth special forces before he was 30 years old. His martial arts and attack skills have been practiced to the point of exhaustion. He has the ability to fight against the armed platoon in complex terrain. He is sincere and invincible. “Compared with the two perverts aboveAdd three levels, I’m not as good as chuxuan, and I’ll be killed by Wang Zongchao face to face. But I’m not good at nothing. As the head of ghost department in Longhushan Tianshi mansion, I’m at least

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