Infinite research system of rebirth

Title:Infinite research system of rebirth

Author:Invincible Da doubi

Description:No way no! One by one, the gods playing with the fate of the world fell. Only the young man in black robe on the opposite side showed no expression. This was just the beginning of scattered cultivation. Ling Yu died in an accident and passed on the mysterious gems to modern times. Then he was not lucky and spirited. He was bumpy for life, but he never gave up his faith,However, the sky is not beautiful. It was killed by a meteor and crossed again. However, all this is the beginning of changing my life, researching the dominator system and giving unlimited growth possibilities. Through the trial practice of infinite reincarnation tower, we can experience the world’s sophistication, compete with people, and step on the LORD God to achieve the first step of the peak. Half noneLimit, half plane. Through, upgrade. Shuangwen, a new man, simply wants to write about the infinite flow of understanding in his heart. The writing style is not very good. I’m sorry.

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