Infinite reproduction

Title:Infinite reproduction

Author:Drunk house

Description:Others try to collect fragments and save blood, while Ye Xin tries to copy other people’s blood. Others fight to kill the boss to explode the equipment, and Ye Xin tries to copy the boss equipment. Others learn a skill to ruin their fortune, Ye Xin copy a skill to ease freehand brushwork! In fact, this is the reincarnation journey of the king of Shanzhai “Ray: / / / longtengx. Lend me your hammer for two days. I promise you two back! ” “When Ma Jun, I’ll show you a palm.”! I promise it will be very gentle! ” “Ah! Your name is Lex Luther? Don’t go, kryptonite, lend me a tour! ” “I’ll go, gourd King Kong! Male://. longtengx! Let me touch the gourd on your head! ” You think this is DC? no This book also has marvel! You think

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