Infinite proxy God

Title:Infinite proxy God

Author:Sixteen nights and days

Description:Deputy God, the agent of God, Mu Xiaoxiao has become a deputy God of the main god space, recruiting reincarnation! Release mission! See who’s not happy to kill directly! Unfortunately, as the proxy God of God’s space, there is a more powerful enemy next door, infinite space. In order to survive in God’s battlefield, we have no choiceLaw, can’t wipe out the reincarnation of important combat power at will, but… “Reincarnation or something… It’s really better for the second dimension…” this is after the protagonist becomes the proxy God, in each game space to cheat the third dimension reincarnation, by the way, vigorously develop the second dimensionThe story of reincarnation. ——————————————PS: infinite flow of text, please note

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