Infinite goddess Alliance

Title:Infinite goddess Alliance

Author:Believe in the evil way of Pangu

Description:Li Xiu is the most afraid of snakes. He once vowed: if there is a thousand year old rice dumpling in front and a little green snake behind, he will go forward without hesitation. But even though he was more afraid of that woman than the manga of blood orchid. Li Xiu always thought he was a young man. However, whenever the wind blinds his eyes, he alwaysWill whisper: “come like running water, gone like the wind, where to come, where to trace.” Li Xiu is a man who grows up with the nourishment of darkness. So he has a special liking for lotus growing in ice and snow. Li Xiu always pretends that he has a Taoist heart and can understand any woman’s sorrow. But he also knowsEven so, no one in the world can understand him, until a sentence appeared in his life – Fox has nine lives, only one heart. Li Xiu

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