Infinite future system

Title:Infinite future system

Author:Dark night master

Description:”Ding, the future system has been started, dear host, do you have any wish to realize?” “I want to have a house, a car, money and a wife, OK?” “Yes, dear host.” “I want to be high, respected by tens of thousands of people, wives and concubines in groups, OK?” “Yes, dearHost. ” “I want to have the power to break the sky with my fist, to break the earth with my feet, and to move mountains and reclaim the sea with my wave. Is that ok?” “Yes, dear host.” “Then, help me realize it all!” “Good host, as long as you pay 99999999 willpower points, you can make it”Meet your needs.” Looking at the “0” in the system panel, you can see that even if you have a future system, you can

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