Infinite demon system

Title:Infinite demon system

Author:Teacher meow

Description:Meet a pit father’s devil, enter a pit father’s system, became a pit of cannon fodder. Evil to the extreme is good, and evil to control good is the king’s way. Chivalry, fantasy, the door of the world of gods and Demons opened, Cheng Chen vowed to be the greatest hero in the infinite city! Before thatLet me fly for a while PS1: for the first time, my sister wrote a man’s frequency text, please don’t spray, please don’t spray, please don’t spray! Say important things three times, thank you! PS2: rookie roll, ask for recommendation, collection, reward, click, comment ~ sister sell you a cute meow? PS3: This article is harmonious and the author is decent. That is evenI’m sick. Sometimes I don’t have discipline. Sometimes I’m weak.

Author: miven

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