Infinite beauty

Title:Infinite beauty

Author:Steamed buns in rainy days

Description:That year, little spider Peter was still carefree on campus. That year, Osborne was not yet a green devil. That year, young Tony Stark was still wantonly and ostentatiously seeking pleasure: / / / longtengx. In that year, Wan ciwang and Professor X opened a meeting for the rights of mutantsHe began to run around, and there were differences because of his ideas. Sometimes they join hands, sometimes they pinch each other, they love each other and kill each other. In that year, Frey was still planning for his super soldier and avenger, Bruce Wayne was still searching for his justice all over the world, and uncle logan was still running around the world, staying together from time to timeDeep in the mountains and forests, he lives a lonely life with wild animals, looking for his lost memory; the war between the blood clan and the werewolf is still going on, and so are the alien and human beings

Author: miven

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