Inception Detective Agency

Title:Inception Detective Agency

Author:Nanke’s translation of dreams

Description:Dream travelers with schizophrenic personality remember what others look like by touching others during the day. At night, by associating with the appearance of people remembered during the day, we can make dreams and invade other people’s dreams. After invading other people’s dreams, modify other people’s dream plot. Or control others into what they makeDreams. So as to obtain the information in other people’s dreams. The cause of the matter is that one day, a man found the detective Zhao Mengqing. Asking for help, something strange happened to this man in his dream. Most people dream unconsciously. I don’t remember what the dream content is. The person who comes for help will have lucid dreamsThe second level dream of the stage. Therefore, this person has a mechanism similar to the dream firewall. When the dream traveler invades the lucid dreamer into the second level of dream, it is similar to the dream defense

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