Immortal martial arts

Title:Immortal martial arts

Author:Cage flower

Description:He was born in chaos at the beginning of heaven and earth. As a divine bird, he lived with heaven and earth. A hundred million years ago, he trained the first generation of Emperor Wu and was named Chongming. Tens of millions of years ago, he cultivated the first generation of medicine emperor, xuanhu Jishi. Millions of years ago, he trained emperor Weiwu to unify the world. He trained emperor Longwu 100000 years ago,Tear the world apart. Ten thousand years ago, he was tired, he was tired, he chose to sleep. Today, he is reborn by breaking his cocoon, stepping on genius and breaking demons. He wants heaven and earth to submit to him. This is a story about an immortal bird, incarnated as a human, breaking the sky and destroying the earth. Only the realm of martial arts and Taoism is immortal.

Author: miven

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