I’m the main character

Title:I’m the main character


Description:Maureen is an Internet writer. Now he’s in the world of his own novels. As the hero in his works, Maureen has a strong sense of substitution. “Sylvanas, why are you shooting me? I’m your teammate. You are the second master! ” “Sun Dasheng, I said don’t kill Baigujing, you are so angry´╝ü She has important information. She wants to catch it alive! ” “If you want to practice miraculous skills, you must not be a eunuch! Brother Dongfang, put down the knife and don’t cut it! ” Warcraft, journey to the west, martial arts, powers, fantasy immortal, water margin of the Three Kingdoms, survival of the last time, marvel DC, two dimensions Each has its own style. I write my heart by hand and play it by myself. I’m the main character. I feed myself a bag of salt. This is a relaxed novel of unlimited flow, also known as “the road to becoming a God in a single version”. If you think I’m the main character

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