I’m sharp, but I’m not sharp

Title:I’m sharp, but I’m not sharp

Author:The road of study is broad and open

Description:Sharp: sharp as a rhinoceros. It means that an object is as strong and sharp as a rhinoceros horn. Sharp. I hope you can inherit the will of our family. If someone dares to stop you. Even a wall must be broken open for me! Our family can’t be insulted to be a coward even if it’s called a brat! After that. Zhang Xili’s fatherThe 18th interstellar commander-in-chief of Devon Deco Democratic Federation rushed his son to the 18th interstellar strategic goods and daily necessities store, also known as the interstellar non recyclable goods store. When Zhang arrived at the logistics department that he thought was rich in oil and water with keen interest. There are only good things waiting for him

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