I’m just a passing super robot

Title:I’m just a passing super robot

Author:Air combat egg

Description:Brain hole, big, big, big hole under the machine hole. I’m talking about “air combat”, not “Gundam”! Don’t click in and spray if you don’t understand! Content involved: Magic installation machine: / / / longtengx., Tianyuan breaking through the eye of red lotus, machine battle og, zhengaita, lulushu, etc Although: / /. LonGtengx. Is not a fan of air combat, but at least played for a few years: / / / longtengx. So don’t think about me kneeling and licking base: / /. Longtengx. What’s the matter? I’ll teach you how to be a man. Finished version: / / / longtengxGood man card, free track, I just want to find a ghost girl. Don’t ask me why I want to change my vest to fight in the world again. Book group: 46502853

Author: miven

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